Previous Fireside Chats

Double-Dip: How to Maximize Reference Based Pricing as Both a Provider and as an Employer

Featuring Howard Tepper, Chief Financial Officer, ProHEALTH.

Reference Based Pricing from the Employer’s Perspective: Benefits, Challenges, & Outcomes for Plans Considering RBP

Featuring Matt Lund, CEO, President with Fortune Management & Kevin Reid, Director of Risk Management with Security Industry Specialists.

Stop Loss & Reference Based Pricing: Why Stop Loss Loves RBP and What That Means For Your Clients

Featuring Scotty Campbell, Senior VP of Sales with Stealth Partner Group.

The Future of Self-Funding: The Post-Election Political Landscape and Policy Impacts on Self-Funding & Employer-Based Care

Featuring Ryan Work, Vice President, Government Relations, Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

The Real Cost of Health Care: What’s Working, What’s Not, and What To Do About It

Featuring Dave Chase, Co-founder of Health Rosetta

Below is the PBM Revenue Stream document that was referenced during Dave’s Presentation. This has been provided by Dave Chase & permission granted by Southern Scripts.

PBM Revenue Stream