Cost Containment Webinars

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Cost Containment Webinars
April 24, 2024 11:00 am

Health Care Policy & the Political Landscape

In this Fireside Chat, Ryan Work will dive into updates in health care policy, the implications of these policies, the current political landscape, and what to expect in 2024.

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Avoiding Trouble and Achieving Success in an RBP Plan: A Legal Advocacy Perspective

Reference-based pricing has many benefits, including cost management and member engagement. But what happens when a member receives a balance bill, is sent to collections, reports a credit issue, or providers push back in other waysChristine Cooper will discuss how to use legal advocacy to address and avoid these concerns and achieve success in an RBP Plan. She will share stories that highlight the outcomes for both the plans and their participants when a proper legal advocacy strategy, like MediShield, is implemented. 

Leveraging Payment Integrity to Maximize RBP Savings

Referenced-based Pricing is a great tool to contain costs while fairly reimbursing claims, but without the proper payment integrity programs how do we know the claim is correct before repricing? Payment Integrity expert Katy Brant explores the ways high dollar bill reviews can enhance the overall savings in reference-based pricing. Katy will provide case study examples of complex claims and how a deep dive clinical review can uncover significant errors which can be leveraged in balance bill settlements with challenging providers.

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