Transplant & Specialty

We combine contracting experience with proprietary data to negotiate Transplant & Specialty contracts and provide access to best-in-class healthcare.


Network Access and Contract Negotiation

Transplant and specialty medical services are among the most expensive bills many people face. 6 Degrees Health uses a service-first approach and objective data to build strong Transplant & Specialty provider contracts nationwide and negotiate single-patient agreements.

Other Solutions

Clean Claim Reviews

We deliver industry leading savings and payment integrity with our experienced approach to comprehensive claim reviews that ensure accuracy.


Our Out-Of-Network solution provides health plans with significant cost savings for non-network claims.

Reference-Based Pricing

A data-driven approach to determine fair and acceptable healthcare reimbursements.

The Advantage of Our Transplant & Specialty Solution

6 Degrees Health is your partner in healthcare cost containment. With our Transplant & Specialty solution, we set healthcare free from the access and contract constraints of traditional networks. We leverage our extensive contracting experience and technology to negotiate optimal provider contracts.

  • Flat fee structure with no upfront costs
  • Offer global case rates on common procedures for predictability
  • Bundle facility, physician, anesthesia, and other services for savings
  • Solutions for network and non-network models
  • Powered by MediVI, our evidence-based data technology
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We Leverage Proprietary Technology

MediVI is our innovative technology that aggregates multiple benchmarks and industry standard data to provide medical reimbursement analytics for clinical reviews, contracting, claim negotiations, and determining reasonable claim payments.

The Benefits of Working
with 6 Degrees Health

Our customers experience over 45% savings per case. We have achieved millions of dollars in case savings. Our customers appreciate the benefits of:

Bundled Rates

All-inclusive rates for transplant and catastrophic care

Flat Access Fee

Fair, reasonable, and transparent fee structure

All Specialty Services

Direct contracts and negotiated rates for cancer, cardiac, ortho, dialysis, etc.

Industry Leading Expertise

Clinical and financial experts to help navigate a complex, opaque system

Transplant Repricing

Reference-based pricing option as an aggressive alternative to transplant contracting

MediVI Technology

Evidence-based analytics for use in contracting and negotiations

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