About Us

We set healthcare free from traditional networks and outdated opaque billing practices. With our clinical expertise, industry experience, and proprietary data technology, we help solve some of the most complex issues in healthcare.


6 Degrees Health was founded in 2012 by Scott Ray with the vision to create a rewarding environment in which the employees would pass on the same values to our customers with healthcare issues. With our customer-centric approach, we focus on providing cost containment and payment integrity solutions with a commitment to knowledge, care, and transparency. 

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“The Plan Was to Create a Rewarding Environment for Employees and then Witness the Great Things We Could Accomplish with Happy Employees.”
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As a service-first organization, we are as great as the people we employ. Our success depends on the ability to attract and retain customer service-focused talent and maintain the culture that has been the foundation of our success in the first decade of our story. 

A decade later, 6 Degrees Health continues to provide a best-in-class healthcare experience using a service-first approach, our cutting-edge software, and industry expertise.