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The Core Values of 6 Degrees Health

6 Degrees Health is a cost containment company dedicated to bringing transparency and fairness to healthcare reimbursement. Our solutions utilize evidence-based data, proprietary software technology, and years of industry experience and relationships to deliver optimal HC reimbursements. Through accountability, ongoing engagement, and a culture of continuous improvement, our team strives to deliver an unparalleled member experience. 

Our Mission

Through accountability, engagement, and continuous improvement, we leverage passion and exemplary customer service to support our stakeholders in making informed financial decisions about healthcare reimbursement.

Our Vision

6 Degrees Health drives innovation in healthcare reimbursement through transparency and execution while being the employer of choice.

More than healthcare reimbursement solutions.

Our team of experts are the heart and soul of 6 Degrees Health. With their passion and proficiency, we are able to provide the most efficient solutions to each and every one of our clients.

Get to know the staff who will ensure that you and your members are always paying a fair price for all care that you receive.

Working with 6 Degrees Health provides you with professional growth, becoming part of a team that cares about your success.