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6 Degrees Health Solutions

Pricing (RBP)

RBP is a method of determining an allowable amount to pay the healthcare provider or facility. RBP refers to pricing outside of those set by traditional insurance carriers or rented networks. 

Transplant and Surgery Network

We mix a wealth of provider contracting experience and proven data to negotiate strong contracts for transplant and other health services—a win-win for both Providers and Payers. 

MediVI: Medical Benchmarking Software

MediVI, our proprietary evidence-based software, utilizes multiple benchmarks and industry recognized data to provide medical reimbursement analytics for clinical audits, contracting, claim negotiations, and determining reasonable claim payments.

Clean Claim Reviews

Our clean claim reviews are used in conjunction with reference-based pricing to aid negotiations as well as a stand-alone product. The adjunct of our clinical reviews confirms that only accurately billed charges are paid prior to any other discount application.


Our out-of-network solutions are perfect for those plans that are not quite ready for a full network replacement. Our solution allows access to the savings from a network replacement without fully implementing RBP.

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