Healthcare Cost Containment Solutions

Our cost containment solutions eliminate the constraints of traditional models and outdated billing practices. With our service-first approach and industry leading solutions, we deliver a positive experience for members and significant cost savings in healthcare.

Reference-Based Pricing
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Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) is the key to providing fair and objective reimbursement to providers. In a traditional network setting, employers lose the control to address inappropriately priced medical claims, which results in higher plan costs and ultimately reduced benefits for members.  RBP treats all providers fairly and equally, thereby preserving plan assets and benefits to members. 

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Payment Integrity
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We believe the cost of healthcare should be transparent and accurate. Payment Integrity is about adherence to billing standards and accountability at every level; with the most experienced clinical experts evaluating every line item to identify and eliminate errors and inconsistencies and ensure claims are paid accurately the first time.

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Traditional Out-Of-Network (OON) wrap networks often have inferior and poorly negotiated provider discounts and can leave plans exposed to overpaying for medical treatment.  Replacing traditional OON solutions with reference-based pricing maximizes plan benefits for all members. 

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Transplant & Specialty
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6 Degrees Health is committed to negotiating effective and equitable contracts to ensure coverage for transplant and specialty needs, which are the most complicated and expensive processes in healthcare. 6 Degrees Health has the experience and insights to navigate these complex contracts.

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Benefits of Working with 6 Degrees Health


We do more than reprice claims. Our service professionals are dedicated to working with plans, members, and providers to deliver an exceptional experience.

Our full suite of cost containment solutions drive transparency and fairness in healthcare costs; saving an average of 66% off billed charges and reducing healthcare spend by up to 40%. 

Our team of experts uses deep experience to identify and resolve billing issues before they become costly overpayments.

We leverage our proprietary evidence-based data technology to improve claim negotiations, contracting, and clinical reviews.

We offer multiple cost containment solutions to address each health plan’s specific needs and achieve claims savings.

Our partnerships are collectively focused on removing barriers to healthcare,  addressing billing issues, and establishing contracts to achieve a fair outcome for all.

Ready to Work Together?

6 Degrees Health helps employers and employees navigate the complexity of healthcare reimbursements. Speak to a representative today to find out how our cost containment solutions can help you realize the true cost savings of healthcare.

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