Reference-Based Pricing

A data-driven approach to determine fair and reasonable payments for healthcare reimbursements.

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What Is Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) is a healthcare cost containment solution that uses a data-driven approach to compare the costs of medical services against objective benchmarks. RBP disrupts the traditional network model and removes opaque billing practices. Utilizing data to determine fair and reasonable payments, RBP controls overall healthcare spend.

Other Solutions

Clean Claim Reviews

We deliver industry leading savings and payment integrity with our experienced approach to comprehensive claim reviews that ensure accuracy.


Our Out-Of-Network solution provides health plans with significant cost savings for non-network claims.

Transplant & Specialty

Let us expertly navigate the contracting and reimbursement process for your most expensive and complex procedures.

The 6 Degrees Health Difference

6 Degrees Health is a service-first cost containment company. With our RBP solution, we set healthcare free from the constraints of traditional networks and bring integrity to historically opaque billing practices. We leverage unparalleled clinical expertise and MediVI, our proprietary technology, to determine the true costs of healthcare and fair reimbursements.

  • Lowering healthcare spend by up to 40% over traditional networks
  • Skilled advocates and expert resources for a positive member experience
  • Using objective and transparent data to achieve fair and reasonable reimbursements
  • Open access to seek care without network constraints
  • Comprehensive and customizable RBP solution meeting specific health plan needs
  • Heading off billing and access issues in advance with contracting support
  • Providing transparency in healthcare billing practices
  • Powered by MediVI, our evidence-based data technology
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We Leverage Proprietary Technology

MediVI is our innovative technology that aggregates multiple benchmarks and industry standard data to provide medical reimbursement analytics for clinical reviews, contracting, claim negotiations, and determining reasonable claim payments.

The Benefits of Working With 6 Degrees Health

Our customers save an average of $2.4 million on annual health benefits, $2,796 per employee per year, and 33% over their previous health plan.


With our service-first approach, we manage provider access issues, appeals, and balance bills for members.

Experienced Clinical and Negotiation Teams

Our teams are exceptional resources, no matter the complexity of the case.

Transplant & Specialty

We combine contracting expertise with evidence-based data to negotiate contracts and provide access to best-in-class healthcare.

Access to Quality Care

We collaborate and optimize provider partnerships to achieve more access to quality care at a fair price.

Cash Prepay

Arrange upfront cash payments for health services, mitigating access issues, and eliminate patient balance bills.

Custom & Flexible Solutions

Our customizable cost containment solutions address the risk tolerance of your plan and to achieve claims savings.

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