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Download informational datasheets or videos on our cost containment solutions.

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Downloadable Datasheets & Videos


ProPlus combines the comfort of a physician network with the savings of reference-based pricing.


The Professional Plus Contracted Network Map identifies 6 Degrees Health’s current contracts across the nation.


RBP is a method of determining an allowable amount to pay the healthcare provider or facility.


MediBridge removes the PPO and uses reference-based pricing to give employers a hands-on approach to claim reviews.


We provide comprehensive cost containment through our detailed clinical reviews that evaluates every line item billed.

Clean Claim Review FAQ – PI101.1

Our unique clean claim review process evaluates every line item billed, to check for errors.


Complete this claim form and submit for clinical review.

PI Case Study – S161.0

See how our Payment Integrity Solution reduced the cost of a large claim.

MediVI FAQ -S108.1_Page_1

MediVI, uses multiple benchmarks and industry data to provide medical reimbursement analytics and also act as a provider and facility search tool.


We use a creative approach to achieve strong provider contracts and excel in negotiating single-patient agreements for non-network services.


Our out-of-network solution provides savings from a network replacement without fully implementing reference-based pricing.


MediShield provides full legal representation and defense if a billing issue occurs with a provider.


Learn about an Open Access health plan – what it is and how it will work for you.


Helpful Open Negotiation Notice Information for Providers handling Appeals for Claims under NSA (No-Surprises Act)


Obtenga información sobre un plan de salud de acceso abierto – qué es y cómo funcionará para usted.

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Learn what an Access Issue is and what to do if you are experiencing one.

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Aprenda qué es un problema de acceso y qué hacer si experimenta uno.