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Downloadable Datasheets & Videos


ProPlus combines the comfort of a physician network with the savings of reference-based pricing.


The Professional Plus Contracted Network Map identifies 6 Degrees Health’s current contracts across the nation.


RBP is a method of determining an allowable amount to pay the healthcare provider or facility.


MediBridge removes the PPO and uses reference-based pricing to give employers a hands-on approach to claim reviews.


We provide comprehensive cost containment through our detailed clinical reviews that evaluates every line item billed.

Clean Claim Review FAQ – PI101.1

Our unique clean claim review process evaluates every line item billed, to check for errors.


Complete this claim form and submit for clinical review.

PI Case Study – S161.0

See how our Payment Integrity Solution reduced the cost of a large claim.

MediVI FAQ -S108.1_Page_1

MediVI, uses multiple benchmarks and industry data to provide medical reimbursement analytics and also act as a provider and facility search tool.


We use a creative approach to achieve strong provider contracts and excel in negotiating single-patient agreements for non-network services.


Our out-of-network solution provides savings from a network replacement without fully implementing reference-based pricing.


MediShield provides full legal representation and defense if a billing issue occurs with a provider.


Helpful Open Negotiation Notice Information for Providers handling Appeals for Claims under NSA (No-Surprises Act)


Learn about an Open Access health plan – what it is and how it will work for you.


Obtenga información sobre un plan de salud de acceso abierto – qué es y cómo funcionará para usted.

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Learn what an Access Issue is and what to do if you are experiencing one.

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Aprenda qué es un problema de acceso y qué hacer si experimenta uno.


What is Balance Billing and What to do if you receive a balance bill?


¿Qué es la facturación de saldo y qué hacer si recibe una factura de saldo?

Scott Washburn Testimony

Testimonial from Scott Washburn, VP of Human Resources at TreeTop, Inc.

Kasha Ozog Testimony

Testimonial from Kasha Ozog, CEO of Coastal Administrative Services.

Jeff Sands Testimony

Testimonial from Jeff Sands, President of Star Benefits.