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The Journey From Serving Big Carriers’ Needs to Serving One’s Community and Transforming Healthcare

Dave Chase, Co-Founder of Health Rosetta | Adam Berkowitz, Founder and President of SimparaHR

In our April Fireside Chat, Adam Berkowitz will discuss why they started a new agency along with the serendipity of joining Health Rosetta’s first cohort — a conversation about key issues that gained traction early on, as well as missteps and failures. These early experiences paved the way for what they are building today and the demand they generate. They have leaned into partnerships with Health Rosetta and 6 Degrees Health to enable more durable programs for our community.

6 Degrees of Cost Containment

Scott Ray, CEO | Heath Potter, Chief Growth Officer | Katy Brant, President | Donald Lee, VP Strategy & Underwriting | Bonita Hatchett-Bodle, General Counsel | Gray Campbell, Learning & Development

In this Fireside Chat we discussed the products and solutions that are making a positive impact on the industry and driving down cost. Our team discussed reference-based pricing, our Professional Plus contracted solution, payment integrity, the legal components of cost containment, and more.

Strategizing Partnerships with Medical Providers

Featuring: Clint Flanagan, MD, Founder & CEO of Nextera Healthcare, Brent Cope of Steward Health Care Systems, Dr. David Cassius Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist, Dr. Steve Hall, CEO of Summer Winds Education Center.

The New Frontier: Mandatory Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations

Featuring Bonita Hatchett-Bodle, General Counsel with 6 Degrees Health.

The Future We Choose: The Changes We Make Today Will Optimize The Health Plans of Tomorrow

Featuring Dave Chase, Co-founder of Health Rosetta.