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America’s Best Kept Secret: Primary Care

Ernie Clevenger, President at CareHere, LLC, a Premise Health company

Join 6 Degrees Health and our guest Ernie Clevenger, President of CareHere and President & Publisher of MyHealthGuide as we discuss Primary Care and if it should be at the center of your self-funded health plan. We will go over the data, experience, and case studies that all point to Primary Care being critical to a health plan. In addition, we will discuss the effects Primary Care has on the longevity of life and healthcare costs.

The Healthcare Free Market Option: Where Pricing Is Bundled, Transparent, And Affordable

Dr. G. Keith Smith, Co-Founder and Medical Director at Surgery Center of Oklahoma

Join 6 Degrees Health and our guest Dr. Keith Smith as we discuss his revolutionary approach to the pricing of healthcare and uncompromising free market principles. Dr. Smith is co-Founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma and creator of that displays all-inclusive pricing for various surgical procedures. He will discuss how he started his transparent approach to pricing, review the current state of the free market within the Healthcare Industry and how healthcare will undoubtedly bend to the free market, largely driven by self-funded plans. Dr. Smith will showcase his proven methodology and how an increasing number of hospitals and facilities will evolve to meet the prices self-funded plans are demanding. What does this mean for the future of healthcare and self-funded plans? Register and tune-in to find out!

Broker Beware: Don’t Fall Into The Trap

Lester J. Morales, CEO & Founder of Next Impact and Creator of the Transparent Health Benefits Movement

For decades, most brokers have approached employer renewals with the same ole’ process, generating double-digit rate increases and a growingly more frustrated employer base.  The worst part, employees can’t even afford to use their insurance coverage.  The client demands more, and most brokers aren’t ready to have the NEXT conversation.

Listen to Lester Morales, CEO of Next Impact and the creator of the Transparent Health Benefits movement, a 20-year industry veteran who spent 13+ years as a top performer and Chief Growth Officer at Willis Towers Watson, talk about how to change the conversation using innovation and transparency has the anchor.  The best part is that Lester will share actual client presentations and strategies that have allowed the Team at Next Impact to be a leader in building high-performing and transparent health plans.

High Cost Medical Claimants: Strategies For Success

Dr. Eric Bricker, Chief Medical Officer of AHealthcareZ

Dr. Bricker is the former Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Compass Professional Health Services. He is also the Chief Medical Officer of AHealthcareZ, which is 300+ Healthcare Finance Educational Videos that are viewed over 120,000 times per month on LinkedIn and YouTube.

June’s Fireside Chat will focus on high cost claimants from the root causes to revenue strategies and solutions including primary care, direct contracting, and in-network steerage vs plan design.

The Politics of Healthcare Pricing: Halfway to November

Ryan Work, Vice President, Government Relations, Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

May’s Fireside Chat will focus on the latest developments with the No Surprises Act, reference-based pricing, federal price transparency activities, healthcare reform issues such as drug pricing, and what to expect leading up to the November elections.