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April 8, 2024
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Strategies to reduce healthcare costs are represented by a roll of money in a miniature shopping cart atop a laptop
Blog, Healthcare Costs, Insurance

Employer Strategies To Reduce Healthcare Costs

As part of the healthcare claims processing steps, a third-party administrator may review medical claims
Blog, Healthcare Costs, Insurance

Your Guide: Healthcare Claims Processing Steps

As they enjoy the advantages of TPAs in health insurance, a man and woman shake hands with their third-party administrator over completed paperwork.
Blog, Healthcare Costs, Insurance

Advantages of TPAs in Health Insurance

A “Stop Loss” button on a keyboard visualizes stop-loss insurance examples.
Blog, Healthcare Costs

Examples of Stop-Loss Insurance

Blog, Healthcare Costs

Benefits of Stop Loss Insurance

Looking To Lower Your Company Healthcare Coverage Cost?

As a service-first cost containment company, 6 Degrees Health is here to help employers and employees navigate a historically opaque healthcare system to pay only what is fair.

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