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Implementation Timeline and Process

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6DEGREESHEALTH.COM | SET CARE FREEA New Level of SupportMediShield is designed to step in when providers become unreasonable during the balance bill negotiation process. The product is available in all 50 states and provides full legal representation of the member, follows the full life of the claim, and provides defense in litigation regardless of the amount of the balance bill (i.e., no balance bill is too small or large). 6 Degrees Health will follow our standard internal negotiation process to partner with the provider, but if the provider is not willing to negotiate, then the case will be handed over to MediShield counsel. When Would a Bill be Referred to MediShield?If a provider is not willing to negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to the plan, then the bill would be referred to MediShield. A bill will also be referred to MediShield immediately upon receipt of a notice from a collection agency. It is important that MediShield be notifi ed of any collection letters in a timely manner so that it can fully defend the bill and protect the member’s rights. Once the Bill is Referred to MediShield, What Else is Needed?Once a bill is referred to MediShield, the member should not take any further action during the dispute process unless MediShield reaches out for additional information. Occasionally, a provider will continue to submit statements and communications regarding the referred bill. Any such communications should be forwarded to MediShield. If a provider calls about a bill that has been referred to MediShield, please let us know, and we will reach out to the provider. MediShieldFull Legal Representation and DefenseClaims Involving Litigation2.4%Claims Referred to MediShieldClients with Derogatory Mark on Credit Report0.9%Avg. Days to Resolve Claims297 DaysAvg. Claim Size$6,400Savings% Off Disputed Charges95.5%

MediShield provides full legal representation and defense if a billing issue occurs with a provider.

The Benefits of MediShield 1

A best-in-class balance bill solution offering expert legal representation against overly aggressive providers, alongside co-fiduciary responsibility.

MediVI Mobile App Flyer and Info

MediVI, uses multiple benchmarks and industry data to provide medical reimbursement analytics and also act as a provider and facility search tool.

MediVI Mobile App Info Sheet for Members

6 Degrees Health offers MediVI Mobile App, putting the power of choice in your hands with personalized provider search and case support.

OON Solutions

Our out-of-network solution provides savings from a network replacement without fully implementing reference-based pricing.

Payment Integrity One Pager

We provide comprehensive cost containment through our detailed clinical reviews that evaluates every line item billed.

ProPlus 1

Professional Plus combines the comfort of a physician network with the savings of reference-based pricing.

Ultimate RBP

With the Ultimate RBP take control of their healthcare spending and create sustainable and affordable plans for their employees.