Payment Integrity Solutions in Healthcare

Our payment integrity solutions are designed to save employers money on their healthcare spend in a larger effort to hold the healthcare industry accountable and promote a more transparent, equitable reimbursement process.

Payment Integrity Solutions in Healthcare BW

6 Degrees Health Payment Integrity Solutions

Far too many healthcare plan members foot the bill for medical services without knowing exactly what they’re paying for. Nearly 80% of medical bills contain errors that cost members thousands of dollars in erroneous charges like drug markups or duplicate items.

Payment integrity is about more than just huge savings. Our payment integrity solutions, like Clean Claim Reviews, apply extreme scrutiny to every line item billed in pre-payment and post-payment capacities to ensure accuracy and transparency in the reimbursement process.

At 6 Degrees Health, we work directly with third-party administrators (TPAs), health plans, and providers to ensure billing accuracy. With our industry-leading payment integrity solutions, we mitigate industrywide pricing errors and ensure claims are paid accurately the first time.

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