Optimizing our Provider Partnerships

We strive to collaborate with both providers and payers using a shared vision of driving access
to quality care at a sustainable price.

Why Direct Contract with 6 Degrees Health

Typically, a large insurance company will contract with all providers in an area and charge the plan significant premiums to access these providers as “in-network.” That approach does not provide an opportunity for steerage to the provider, nor does it indicate for the provider the type of coverage the patient will have (e.g., HDHP vs. no deductible).

As with any self-funded health plan, our clients retain a Third Party Administrator to handle their eligibility, claims processing, and payment. The meaningful difference is that as a provider, you will have a direct contract that outlines payment provisions rather than a Preferred Provider Organization agreement with a large insurance company that is “rented” out to the self-funded plan. In essence, you will always know with whom you are doing business.

Our contracted providers are given the solutions and guidance that will provide the customer service needed to navigate and resolve any issues with working in the complex ERISA plan environment.

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