Advance your Business with 6 Degrees Health

Whether you are a broker, a third party administrator, or a stop-loss carrier, partner with us to control healthcare costs and ensure quality care with accurate pricing.


We help create healthcare plans that controls medical costs for both employers and their members.

Third Party Administrators (TPA)

We provide solutions to help your clients minimize medical claim costs and navigate the ever changing healthcare industry

Stop-loss Carriers

We help plans with stop-loss partnerships to protect against unexpectedly high medical insurance claims.


We collaborate with providers and payers to drive access
to quality care at a sustainable price.

What Our Partners Can Expect from Us

Whether you are a broker, a third party administrator, stop-loss carrier, or a provider, we can assist in gaining access to more medical resources and reducing your client’s healthcare costs.

Partner with 6 Degrees Health, to give your clients total control of their healthcare spend.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Premiums and deductibles have risen faster than worker’s wages over the past decade. Working with 6 Degrees Health will allow you to offer a solution to your clients to significantly lower their healthcare costs.

Protect Your Clients from Overpaying

With our MediVI evidence-based data software, we determine fair and allowable payments to providers, preventing overpayment from your client.

Member Advocacy

We provide clients with information and guidance that leads to claim negotiations and resolution.

How Much Your Clients Can Save

We ensure quality care, accurate pricing, and cost savings solutions with your client’s best interest at the forefront of everything we do.

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