How 6 Degrees Does Cost Containment Right

Cost Containment Solutions

6 Degrees Health provides an evidence-based approach, utilizing multiple benchmarks and industry recognized data. Our MediVI platform provides valuable medical reimbursement analytics for audits, contracting, claim negotiation, and reference-based pricing.

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About Cost Containment & 6 Degrees Health

Transparent, defensible, objective: our data and methodology delivers results.

6 Degrees Health utilizes a proven approach that utilizes multiple benchmarks and industry data.

• Federal and State Claims Data
• Hospital Cost and Financial Metrics
• Medical Coding and Regulatory Proficiency
• Objective Authority
• Industry-Leading Analytical Platform (MediVI)

A reasonable reimbursement is supported by objective and defensible cost-based metrics, while considering market dynamics and industry practices.

About MediVI

The MediVI software platform is an industry-leading source of transparent hospital financial and quality data. It gathers, sorts, and organizes the data from millions of medical claims from across the United States.



We utilize industry-accepted public data from numerous credible sources in the healthcare industry.



We integrate defensible methodologies, benchmarks, and industry/regulatory standards into our approach.



We generate understandable visual reports, which support time-sensitive solutions and critical decisions.

hospital market

Hospital Market Analysis

Inpatient claim analysis based on both the Diagnosis Related Group and Medicare-to-billed ratio.

hospital quality

Hospital Quality

MediVI overlays cost data with hospital-reported quality metrics.

medical claims

Medical Claim Analysis

Hospital and professional inpatient and outpatient data together with cost and Medicare benchmarks.

coding tools

Coding Tools

A module containing NCCI edits, lab fee schedules, and drug average sale price data.

organ acquisition

Organ Acquisition Cost

A single source for hospital-reported organ acquisition costs and charges.